Video poker has existed for more than four decades now. Though the game has different variants, Jacks or Better remains the most popular. This is because it offers players some of the highest payouts as it comes with a low house edge. The game has an RTP of 99.54%, giving you a high chance of pocketing a considerable amount from playing. Apart from being quite rewarding, software developers behind this game ensure that you enjoy the aesthetics. It features stunning graphics to keep you entertained. You also get a chance to learn how to play video poker jacks or better from the fun mode. Start practicing today and boost your skills in the game.

How to play video poker like a pro

Unlike games such as slots, video poker stands out due to its high odds. Playing the game online allows you to set your own pace without the pressure from other players. For you to play this game like an expert, you have to start by learning its rules. The next start is getting familiar with the video poker strategy. Using the optimum approach gives you a better chance of winning a six-figure amount from the game.

You should also look for the best paytable before you start playing. This can help you know the expected return from your game. Look for a poker machine that offers the best paytable. For you to make consistent profits from video poker, you have to play slow instead of making hasty decisions. The promotions can also help you make more than you expected. Target the right promotions so that you can play some of the rounds without using money out of your pocket. You can use the live chat to confirm the promotions that a casino offers.

Why video poker jacks or better is more popular than other poker variants

Most of the Video poker fans choose this variant over the rest since it is one of the top paying variants. If you use the right strategy to play this game, you can achieve a payback of up to 99.54 %. It means that the house would only get 0.46% from your gameplay. Compared to other games, video poker jacks or better online has a low house edge. Since it is easy to play, beginners looking for a suitable Video Poker variant start with Jacks or better. It also comes with a simple strategy in comparison to other video poker games. Start practicing free video poker Jacks or better today and become an expert within no time.

The following guide should help you play video poker jacks or better

Do not let the wonderful opportunities of Jacks or better pass you by. To play this game, you should already be familiar with the five card draw poker rules. The same rules apply in this game since it is a variation of the main Video poker game. In this game, you should aim at getting a pair of jacks for you to be paid out. Even if you don’t get a winning hand during the initial draw. The game gives you the chance to replace any of the cards so that you can come up with a new hand that has a better payout. Play free jacks or better so that you can learn the ultimate strategy to use in the game.


Before playing Video poker Jacks or better, you should know that the game has several variations which come with different payouts. Understanding the different variations helps you choose the best winning odds so that you can make profits. Some of the variations of this game include 9/6, 8/5, Bonus Poker Deluxe 8/5, Double bonus 9/6, and Double bonus 10/7.


Video poker has a lot of variations and Jacks, or better is one of the most popular types that a lot of gamblers choose. Since each variation comes with its own strategies, you should try and understand each type before you start playing. This variation is a rewarding game that can help you win big. To play this game, you will need a few Video Poker machine tips. Always play the maximum coins. Jack or Better offers top payouts for the Jackpot. When you play the maximum coins, you can earn a bonus win from hitting the royal flush. You should also utilize the slow strategy when playing Jacks or Better. Do not rush and try playing slower hands. This strategy will prevent you from making a lot of losses so that you can remain in the game for longer.


Every Video poker variation comes with promotions that come in the form of bonuses. As you use online video poker tips to play the game, you should watch out for the promotions that the game comes with. Targeting the right form of promotions gives you a chance to obtain free money which you can use to play additional games. If you can’t find any bonuses, use the live chat feature of your casino to ask about them.


For you to win Video Poker online, you need to beware of the things that you should avoid. For instance, when playing a variation such as Jacks or Better, you should avoid retaining the kicker. Also, do not try to keep three cards as you chase a flush or straight. Utilize the right Poker Video tips and avoid such poor moves.

Five video poker tips 

If you have been gambling in casinos for a while, you have probably come across video poker. This is a popular game that has existed since the 1970s. Unlike online  casino games that only rely on luck, having some skills is what can help you win at this game. Most people prefer playing this poker game compared to the rest of the casino games since it is easy to reduce the house edge. You can increase your chances of winning at this poker game by implementing the following tips.

  • Understand the rules

This is a game that comes in different forms, with each variant having particular rules that you should understand. The rules of this are used to govern the hand ranking and determine the payouts. At the beginning of the game, you receive five cards that you can decide to hold on to or discard some. You can win a payout depending on the strength of your hand. Some of the popular variants that you can pick from include Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild.

  • Focus on the pay tables

Paying attention to the pay tables is crucial since it can help you make strong poker hands. You need to ensure that you look for the video poker games that have high payouts. The paytable is also crucial since it can guide you on the right strategy to use at this game.

  • Bet the maximum

As you play this game, it is upon you to decide on the specific amount you want to bet on every poker hand. One of the secrets that can help you earn a big payout when you win is betting the max. If you focus on the paytable, then you can easily find out if betting the max is an ideal strategy to use at a precise video poker game. For instance, if you prefer playing a poker game that contains a progressive jackpot, then betting the max is a great strategy to use. Some of the games also give players a bonus for betting the maximum.

  • Think about every decision you make in this game

In some games, you don’t have to put in a lot of thought. Poker games are, however, different since every decision that you make can influence the outcome of your gameplay. You have to think about the impact of discarding or holding on to some cards. You should not play this game fast since you may end up making the wrong decisions. Using a slow strategy is essential in this game.

  • Practice

Since you get a free play option for you to try poker games, you have enough time for you to practice and learn how to play without risking any real cash. Take advantage of such opportunities to perfect your skill before betting with real money.

Find out why many punters play poker on mobile

Most people find the mobile platform quite convenient. They, therefore, prefer playing video poker on Android and iOS devices since they don’t restrict your movement.