Whenever you plan or think about going to a casino, chances are you are already thinking about the games you’re going to play and hopefully win. Finding a winner can be difficult especially if you’re new to casino games. We are going to answer the question which is the best casino game and guide you through our top recommendations for best game to play when at the casino. Read on for more insight.


This famous casino card game is a must play especially for anyone looking for a win. Basic playing principles dictate that to win you must draw a hand with a higher value than the dealer, the dealer might draw a hand over 21 or if you draw a hand value of 21 on your first 2 cards but the dealer doesn’t. However, you will lose if you draw a hand value over 21 or the dealer has a greater hand value at the end of a round of blackjack. Usually the game accommodates around 7 players and is played on a semicircular table.

Blackjack isn’t a complicated game to play or win. The rules to winning or losing are also quite simple as is making the bets. This simplicity is perfect for anyone looking to play relaxing games at the casino.


Craps is undoubtedly one of them most action packed games you will find at a casino. Everything is happening all at one without a systematic way of doing things to help ease the player into the game. There are several wagers available in craps but this game is structured around pass line bets. The game begins when the shooter rolls the dice after the pass sequence begins with a come out. The pass betters will win if the roll turns out to be 7 or 11. If the roll is 2, 3 or 12, they lose. Other numbers are considered points. Of the shooter rolls a point on the come out, then he will keep rolling until he is able to roll the same umber again for a pay off or a 7 for a loose.

The craps table designates slots for each player to place their bets. However, online and live casino craps tables ,might vary slightly. There are many elements to playing craps some of which are essential to playing the game but others aren’t. Regardless, this game can get very complicated or very basic depending on the nature of betting used. It is a great way for advanced or even beginner players to hype up and possibly win while playing casino games.


When you say roulette I think of James bond in Diamonds are Forever. This casino classic is on our list not because it’s a popular game but it is easy to play, understand and win at. Roulette has different variations and might have changing elements. American roulette is different from European roulette in many ways including the wheel sequences and the house edge. Regardless of the variation you play, the playing principles require that you bet on the slot on which the ball will drop. There are intricacies to this game including the rules, the different number of ways one can bet and the steep difference in the payouts and odds.

Our main reason for choosing Roulette is because of the ease of playing the game. The betting system in roulette allows you to place bets with varying levels of risk in the bets, even beginners have the chance to win big.


These bad boys have been around for years and have developed since darker days into recommendable casino games. Previously, machine slots didn’t have great payout percentages, didn’t come with complimentary player bonuses nor did they have great jackpots. Casinos have come a long way in developing these games into revenue makers. Slots aren’t only available in live casinos alone, various online casinos have slot games great for anyone looking for a win in the online casino.


Baccarat can end three different ways, a win, a banker win and a tie. The game begins with the dealer dealing out cards faced upwards: Two for the player, two for the banker. Whoever’s cards total to nine, wins the game. Placing your bet on a player whose hand turns out to be closest to nine, means you receive double the earnings. If you place your bet on the banker-s hand, the payout is 95% of the bet placed. What if you draw cards whose sum greater than nine/ s double digit number? Then from the sum, the dealer eliminates the first digit leaving the last digit as the game value.

This game has simple rules and is a fun and easy going option you can play at any point during your casino visit.

Final word

The casino is filled with a variety of games some of which are overly complex, too difficult to play or even hard to win at. Our list contains the top 5 best games to play while at the casinos which are relatively easy to grasp yet still very entertaining to play.