Last Update: 06.11.2020

If you are accustomed to casino games, one of the options that you may have heard of is Slingo. This is a combination of the slot machine and bingo. In 1996, Sal Falciglia, an entrepreneur, came up with Slingo games to help people who loved elements from both games enjoy them from a single game. Though Slingo was not initially designed to be a casino game, it has resonated with a lot of casino players across the globe.

You can now play Slingo online from most of the casinos that offer this game. Its popularity encouraged the software developer to come up with different versions of Slingo that can appeal to various players. Feel free to play Slingo variants as you compare how they differ from one another. You can also play Slingo from a brick and mortar site if you love the interaction in such casinos.

Slingo is now a game that is not only meant to entertain you but also reward you. We have a lot of real money Slingo games that you can engage in and get instant cash prizes. Most people play Slingo games since they are not only fun but also easy to learn and win. These are great for both bingo and slot lovers.

How to Play Slingo

For you to play Slingo, you need to complete coveralls and lines on a board. You have to be keen on the game and mark off numbers as they are spun on the slot reel. This game includes some elements from the 75 ball bingo as well as the slot machine. It, therefore, gives you the chance to spin the reels as you mark off numbers on the card. You can play slingo on the 5 X 5 grid. The reels are found below the grid.

Apart from the numbers, online slingo also comes with some special symbols that can help you earn more from your gameplay. For you to play slingo and win, you should also learn how to accumulate points. Each spin can award you a particular number of spins based on the action. For instance, you can get awarded for clearing lines, landing some coin symbols, or clearing your cards.

Some people love slot machines, while others prefer bingo games. If you want to get a taste of both games, you need to choose Slingo. This game combines elements from slots and bingo games and offers you a better gaming experience. Slingo games are designed to appear like the bingo card, while the reels are found below the game.

When these games were first invented, they were designed to offer players a fun experience. Due to the great reception that Slingo games got from players, the game developer was inspired to create real money versions of Slingo. This means that you can now play the games for free or bet with real cash. Slingo games give you immersive gameplay that you may not find in other casino games. If this is what you have been searching for, then read on to learn how to play Slingo.

Slingo Strategy 

Most players who are not new to this game can agree that Slingo games are quite straightforward. Since the game is a hybrid of the 75 ball bingo and the conventional slot machine, the structure may seem familiar if you are conversant with either of the games. For you to play, you start by spinning the reels located at the bottom of the grid. During the spinning, you should confirm if it displays any of the numbers on the 5 x 5 bingo card.

The game also offers at least 20 spins from the slot machine. When you spin the reels of the machine, some numbers will appear in it. You need to cross these numbers off your bingo card. If you manage to match up the numbers, then you win the game. You should also understand that Slingo games have a time limit in which you have to spin the reels.

You can also use the special symbols which appear during the game to increase your winning potential. Slingo games come with a joker that represents the wild symbols. It also includes super jokers that you can use to mark off numbers in the entire grid. Try to get at least three jokers for you to get an instant cash prize. The devil’s feature is the only symbol you don’t want to see during your gameplay. Ensure you use the devil’s protection feature before it disappears.

For you to win at Slingo games, you have to use the right strategy. You need to learn how to accumulate points. Building up the highest number of points is the secret to making enormous profits in this game. Since the point accumulation system varies in every Slingo variant, practicing on each game prevents you from making assumptions.

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