Would you like to play blackjack for real money? You need a clear understanding of the game and its rules before you place your money on the line. One of the crucial aspects of playing this game includes learning the blackjack strategy and understanding its importance. The basic strategy in blackjack consists of rules that are set to guide you on the right way to play each hand. During the beginning of the blackjack game, the only information that you have when you are dealt cards is the dealer’s up card and your hand.

The basic blackjack strategy refers to the mathematically accurate way for you to play each hand. Over time, using this strategy can maximize the amount you can win as you play blackjack online and reduce the amount you can lose in the game. Since blackjack is a mathematical casino game, it works with fixed rules. The basic strategy in blackjack, therefore, involves the following rules.

  • Hitting and standing

In blackjack, hitting means, you request for an additional card after analyzing your first hand while standing means maintaining your original hand. The game allows you to hit or stand on a hand that is less or close to 21. If your hand goes beyond 21, you bust and lose the bet.

  • Splitting pairs

While some blackjack players never split pairs, others split pairs recklessly in blackjack. Splitting pairs is a rule that was introduced to help you minimize the casinos’ advantage. As you play blackjack variants, you are allowed to split pairs if you get two cards that have the same value.

  • The surrender rule

This is often a misunderstood rule among many blackjack players. Though the word has a negative impression, surrendering can be a smart move that you may have to make on some hands. As you play blackjack games, you need to look at your first hand and the up card of the dealer. If you have a reduced chance of winning, you may be forced to forfeit playing the hand and surrendering. For instance, if you have a 16 and the up card for the dealer is a 10, then surrendering is the best blackjack strategy to use.