Both online and brick and mortar casinos recognize video poker as one of the most suitable games to play. This is because it includes both skill and luck. Though luck may bring your short-term wins, implementing the right skills can give you better results for long. Learning how to play video poker using the right strategy is, therefore, crucial. Video poker gives you a level of control in your gameplay.

Video poker variants are designed to use a random number generator, which determines the game’s outcome. The decisions that you make in a video poker game can affect the overall outcome. Every variation of video poker implements a unique strategy. Before you start playing online video poker, you need to look at the strategy chart available so that you can play the game wisely.

Some of the online websites even generate a perfect strategy for players depending on the variation and the paytable. Since strategies in legitimate video poker games vary, we will give you a guide on the most popular games. Enjoy!

  • Jacks or better

This is considered as among the best video poker games due to its high odds. For you to play this game well, you should confirm if you have been dealt with paying hands such as straight flush, 4 of a kind, or a royal flush. If you are lucky to have these hands, you should keep them and collect winnings.

  • Deuces wild

In this variant, if you obtain four deuces, you should not discard them. Hold on to 3 deuces since they can help you form a royal flush. If you get two deuces, you should also hold on to them as you look forward to getting a 4 of a kind.

  • Bonus poker

The strategy used in this top video poker variant is not very different from what is used in Jacks or better. You should learn how to play this game since it has a high payout percentage. If you have a straight flush or a 4 of a kind, you should keep it.


Video Poker is a great choice while you’re at the casino looking for some fun and a good way to invest you money. Still, lots of people tend to make bad choices that turn their budgets into dust.

Here are some video poker tips that you should keep in mind and also some major signs that show the ways you’re doing things wrong and how to fix this as soon as possible.

You don’t have a video poker strategy
Video poker is a game of skill. Unlike usual slot machines, video poker takes skill to win. The outcome is generated by the strategy that you’re choosing while playing the cards. Make a research so you can find yourself the best plan to go with. Also, you should take a look at this.

You don’t pick the right games
If you want to reach the best outcome, you should pay attention to the machines that offer the highest expected return. With video poker, you can easily calculate which one will make the most of it. Once you figure this out, you’ll only pick the right games for the big win.

You don’t concentrate enough
Losing focus just because you’re tempted to go for a few extra drinks and play for higher stakes that you don’t have the bankroll for will turn you down. Just keep focused and do what’s best for the real big win.


When entering an online video poker, you have to take into consideration all the factor that might interfere with your game.


One of the key factors in identifying them is time. Timing Tells. Reaction rate indices. The best rules will mask the reaction speed of the game by consuming as much time for thinking and making light and difficult decisions as for bluffs and value betting. But recreation will always use different time intervals of thinking, lower in hands where they do not have a harder and bigger decision at the hands where they have to decide something important.


For example, let’s think of a very fast call on the flop. When someone does this, it tells us that he never thought about raising or folding. This tells us that the opponent has a mediocre hand, like a weak pair or a draw. Based on this, we can apply more pressure on the subsequent streets to remove the opponent from the pot. We also have to take into consideration that he can bluff, so consider analyzing more aspects.

Even if online poker keeps us away from our physical opponents, playing on the PC or tablet does not spare them to reveal some behavioral tendencies. These give us an idea of ​​the types of players and the power of their hands. Practice video poker and you’ll figure everything out yourself. Find the most suitable platform for you and use any information you have to win.