Slots may be luck-based, but experienced players know that you cannot rely on luck alone. As you play online slots, you need to put yourself in the best position for you to win. You can achieve this by using a distinct strategy such as playing slot games that have the highest payouts. Though casinos offer numerous slot machines, you should only focus on the best online slots in 2020. These are the games that can pay you huge amounts since they come with high RTP rates. The percentage that you often see on different slot machines can determine the odds of making profits from a game.

By choosing online slots with high RTP rates, you can easily lower the house edge and increase your chances of winning. It also helps you minimize the risks of making losses. Here are some of the popular online slots with the best payouts in 2020.

·         Mega Joker

This is one of the best online slots 2020 since it has an RTP of 99%. Playing this game can help you win big since the slot also comes with a progressive jackpot, which has the potential to grow huge over time. Though the slot has existed for five years now, it still stands out among most of the game. You will also find it less complicated compared to most of the games since it does not have numerous elements that are hard to figure out.

·         Monopoly big event

Get a feel of the monopoly board game you may have played while young by choosing this slot. It is not only fun but also highly rewarding. This slot has an RTP of 99% and numerous features, including progressive multipliers and free spins round.

·         Ooh Aah Dracula

You have an opportunity to play in different modes by choosing this slot game. Boasting an RTP of 96%, this slot machine can transform you into a jackpot winner. It allows you to start playing with as low as $ 0.10 or make a maximum bet of $ 500. You can enjoy lots of perks from this game, such as free spins and extra wilds that lead to more wins.