Perfect your gaming strategy while playing video poker games free of charge from your favorite casino. Video poker online is a popular game because you play against the machine, giving you a one-on-one experience. Unlike other casino games, video poker eliminates the stress that comes with playing other hands. It is, therefore, a relaxing game that provides you with an enjoyable experience.


Unlike other casino games, video poker is a gambling game that you cannot exhaust. It comes with numerous variations that make it stand out from the rest. You can pick different video poker machines to play with such as Jacks or Better, Double Joker, jackpot video poker or even multi-play. The variation you choose to play depends on various elements such as the tolerance for variance as well as how familiar you are with the strategy.


Do you have limited time to visit a land-based casino? Worry not because you can play video poker games free of charge through your mobile device. Choose a good online casino that operates legally and find the collection of video poker games. Most of them offer the demo account for new players to learn how to play the game without depositing anything.

From this, you can learn the strategy of video poker while using virtual money. Try to play the different variations on the free mode. While here, you can go through the pay tables and go through the rules of the game. We recommend that you begin with Jacks or Better since this comes with a high payout and a low risk.  Video poker is a simple casino game to learn and understanding the skill can help you improve your chances of winning.


Are you tired of playing classic poker table games? It is time you experienced the thrill of a different poker game. Video poker is a game that needs calculated moves. For you to play, start with choosing a particular variation then placing your bet. You have to select the amount you want to wager and set a minimum bet. If you are a high roller and like placing high amounts, you can choose the max bet option.

Once you place your bet, the video poker machine deals at least 5 cards. You should decide which cards you would like to maintain by clicking or tapping. Make use of video poker strategy for you to increase your odds of winning. Learning the basics beforehand makes it easy for you to win hand combinations. After winning, the video poker machine will pay you based on the pay table. You can learn more about video poker betting strategy from the info tabs. Start with understanding the rules of one version then stick to it before trying your luck on another version.


Many people like video poker because it is a game that has high odds in gambling. Unlike the rest of the casino games, a player can influence the outcome of video poker. Using a video poker strategy is what makes a difference between winning and losing. This game gives you a chance of making good money from the jackpot proportions. The game involves the 52-card deck. For you to win, you should get a poker, and which can come from a straight, flush, royal flush or two pairs. You have to aim at betting the video poker machine and avoid guesswork. Do some research for you to find the best machines which offer good paytables.


Slots and video poker are popular games that most casinos these days offer. That is why these two games are often compared in various aspects. Most players that are used to slots try their luck in video poker as a way of exploring the strategic element of the game. There is also a group of players who don’t like strategy games, thus go with the simplicity of slots. Regardless of the game that you prefer, you should always aim at having as much fun as possible while betting. Slots and Video poker have their similarities as well as differences. Though the differences define both games, they appeal to different crowds. Saying that video poker is better than slots would be making a wrong assumption since each of the two games has its strong points and weaknesses.

Find out how Video poker and slots compare

Understanding how these two games compare can help you choose one category that you are comfortable with. Let us look at different aspects as we compare video poker vs slots.

  • Slots have less strategy than video poker

Video poker involves a hand that contains five cards. When you receive your cards, you decide whether you should hold on to them or discard some. Every decision has a significant impact on the outcome of your gameplay. The only strategies that are found in slot games are comparing the payback percentages of games and managing your bankroll.

  • Slots have bigger jackpots compared to video poker

If you want to win millions from gambling, then choosing progressive jackpot slots is a smart move. Video poker games have a payout of up to 4000 coins, which is less compared to what you can win from playing slots. The luckiest slots players have been able to pocket up to $ 22 m from playing.