7 Funny and Interesting Facts about Roulette

Both experienced and new bettors always try playing roulette at one point. There are a lot of funny and interesting facts surrounding the game. Before you play roulette, here is what you should know.

·         Roulette is nicknamed the devil’s game

Some people believe that the person who came up with this game was inspired by the devil. The numbers on the roulette wheel also total to 666.

·         The game was introduced back in the 17th century

Roulette is a game that has been passed down to generations. It is believed to be among the oldest casino games that still exist today. The name roulette refers to the French term for the “little wheel.”

·         Ashley Revel sold all his belongings and used the money to bet on roulette

This man made history since he used all his money to bet on roulette at Plaza casino. He is believed to have spent about $ 135,000 betting on the game and ended up winning.

·         California roulette

Every region has some gambling laws that both casino owners and players alike are expected to follow. In California, the laws are a bit different from what other regions have since here, the only device in gambling is a deck of cards. Since the device that is mostly used when playing roulette in a wheel, it means that playing this game in California is prohibited.

·         17

If you are a fan of James Bond, then you probably know that 17 is the number that is commonly played on the wheel.

·         The chances of hitting black or red are 50/50

Many people assume that when a black number hits, a red number has to follow on the next spin. This assumption is wrong.

·         You should not drink while playing roulette

You can enjoy a few drinks when playing games such as baccarat or blackjack but not roulette.